Stephen Fenley

Stephen H. Fenley is co-owner in all Fenley holdings and development investments operations. He is a graduate of Bellarmine College. Stephen works closely with David to discuss and plan all long-term goals and projects for the company. Stephen and David recapitalized on the largest portfolio in Kentucky history in 2008/2009.



  • Led design and construction teams on 2M square feet on all Fenley holdings.
  • Pioneered the design charrette process in zoning mutli-use, new urbanism projects.
  • Initiated and lead the first private-public partnerships in private development design in Kentucky.
  • Received unanimous planning and zoning approvals on ALL zoning/development projects spanning 20 years through the incorporation of ideas and input from all stake-holders and municipal agencies in the conceptual design phase.
  • Revitalized and preserved 150,000 square feet of early 20th century historical buildings in downtown Louisville.
  • Designed and built the first new 75,000 sq.ft in-fill office building within the historic business district of downtown Louisville.
  • Designed 10,000 new trees into the Fenley Portfolio of properties.
  • Collaborates with brother and partner, David in the acquisition and implementation of rural reclamation efforts to convert Commonwealth lands back to native habitat for indigenous wildlife.
  • Expertise in complicated zoning real estate projects.
  • Expertise in New Urbanism design.
  • Expertise in vertical construction and suburban/urban design.
  • Expertise in bringing real estate projects in under budget and ahead of schedule.


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"For over a century the Fenley name has represented a vision of conducting business the way it should be—delivering above and beyond every expectation."

-- Stephen Fenley