Property Management

Fenley goes far beyond the typical property management services
most companies offer as almost an afterthought. What we provide is a systematic approach to meeting your operational needs, with valuable services your company can utilize to maximize your return on investment, while also enhancing operations.

Fenley Property Management

  • Lease administration
  • Operating and capital budget preparation
  • Monthly reporting
    • Financial accounts payable
    • Vendor contracts
    • Tenant general ledgers
    • Income statements
    • Profits & Loss
    • Job costing
    • Purchase orders
    • Detailed financial analysis
  • Tenant retention programs
  • Survey programs
  • Move-in orientations
  • Tenant improvements
  • Capital improvements
  • Construction management

"Property Management is a lot like juggling. To be successful, you’ve got to keep several balls in the air without losing track of a single one. It’s imperative to understand the needs of each tenant, maintain the physical and administrative systems within the buildings, and always be on the lookout for ways to improve."